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A changed awareness concerning energy saving and ecology topics is making more and more people decide in favour of home modernisation and refurbishment projects in existing buildings, or build a new, excellently insulated home or even a passive house. In both refurbishment projects and in new buildings windows offer the greatest energy saving potential in the building envelope. Refurbishing windows ensures direct cost savings and a proactive protection of the environment. At UPVC / Deceuninck we are very much aware of our responsibility for this planet and we want to offer everyone the individual opportunity to take sustainable action, save energy and money and protect the environment. We analyse living trends and people’s needs so that we can develop state-of-the-art system solutions that meet two requirements in particular: energy efficiency and practical functionality.

People who are planning a new building want to rest assured that they are getting the best possible product for their specific needs. Depending on the respective project top priority is awarded to energy efficiency, noise protection, easy care or design. To make the construction of your new home as easy as possible UPVC develops products that satisfy all modern building requirements. You can select the windows for your dream house from a range of different profile systems and from an extensive colour programme. The technical precision and high quality of our products ensure that you will enjoy lasting pleasure from your new windows.

Old buildings waste a lot of energy. Compared with apartments and houses that only meet old energy standards refurbished buildings are able to protect you against rising energy prices in the future. Refurbishment also improves the climate indoors, enhances living comfort and helps preserve the building. Modernisation or refurbishment projects therefore significantly increase the value of your property. With UPVC PVC windows you additionally benefit from our many years of experience in the refurbishment and renovation sector. You can be sure of an excellent cost/benefit ratio for your modernisation scheme and of products with high technical precision that allow effective and substantial energy and cost savings. Many products on the market today have good thermal insulation values, but they are often unsuitable for renovation projects due to their profile depth. Technically intelligent products such as the new profile system Eforte, on the other hand, are suitable for use in new buildings as well as for refurbishment purposes.

UPVC / Deceuninck guarantees excellent wind resistance and watertightness, optimum soundproofing and protection against burglary as well as a long service life. UPVC products meet state-of-the-art standards in the field of energy saving and stand out with superb thermal insulation properties, excellent moisture protection as well as resistance against corrosion. The wide variety of colours offers almost unlimited scope for creating an individual facade composition that also emphasises any architectural style.

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